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For the last couple of weeks, I have been using every tiny excuse to delay writing the last chapter of my big luxurious Nepali affair (jump to Chapter One, Chapter Two or Chapter Three). Saying goodbye is rarely easy however there is something incredibly sad about putting a end to an incredible adventure. No wonder many great stories end with “and they lived happily ever after”. In my case, the “happily ever after” was what I experienced at Dwarika’s. 

Food and flavours

Locally sourced and grown, mostly organic, crispy fresh and deliciously dreamy, dining standards at Dwarika’s were as high as the mountains peaks. I noticed how passionately chefs and crew talked about food and its preparation, making this subject an easy ice breaker. Every morning I would rush down to Nature’s Flavors for the live kitchen show and a plate of “sunny side up”. Breakfast, served on the terrace with the view of the Himalays (if you are lucky) was widely considered to be an opportunity to catch up and draft today’s “must-do” on the back of the resort’s map.

Even though lunch was only two hours after breakfast, I couldn’t resist eating again. The menu, short and to the point, included soups, salads and several types of sandwiches thoughtfully made with ingredients particularly available at that exact time of the year.

But it was the evening culinary ceremonies I enjoyed the most, with a choice between pure vegetarian Japanese, Asian and Western. The vegetarian Japanese was created on principles once followed by monks in training (they look incredible fit at any occasion). It consisted of five flavors, five ways of cooking and five colors. The buddhist’s approach to healthy eating encourages one to finish every bit and to leave a table wanting more. My other favorite was an Asian evening feast where colorful dishes magically appeared in front of me looking absolutely irresistible.

Dusk to Down Yoga

The Buddhist approach to eating had further influenced my view of resort life, encouraging instant adjustments to feel lighter, fitter, stronger and happier.


Fortunately on my first evening I spotted a man rushing uphill with a speed of an olympic champion and the grace of a Tibetan tiger. Failing to keep up with his pace or his grace, I ended up investigating his identity at the front desk. My inquiry revealed he was the resident yogi Shree Ramp Ji, who fortunately for me was in charge of meditation, group and private classes.

So there was no way I would miss that opportunity! The next morning at 6am I chanted “in healthy body lives healthy spirit” mantra climbing up to the studio and breathing rather heavily. Unsurprisingly I made several stops in between to catch up with the inner me. It was right at the top that I discovered the existence of a golf cart that carried smarter guests up in a matter of minutes.

An hour later after a class I was all smiles and giggles and ready to repeat it all over again! All for good Karma and better me.

Salt chamber and Spa

Another hidden secret of Dwarika’s estate is the pink Himalayan Salt Chamber made of the purest salt rock on Earth making it a perfect stop before sleep. I would spent 20 minutes lounging on a comfy chair, inhaling minerals-rich air and listening to soft tunes. Salt Chamber combined with 90 minutes massage left me feeling spoiled but truly happy.

Cooking lessons with Chef Pramod

One of my favorite activities at the resort was a cooking class with Pramod, an experienced chef with a funny sense of humor. He charmed me into trusting that a fancy girl like me could easily learn to cook good food. Seriously! Two months later under my own supervision I do make a fragrant Nepali curry in 45 minutes. Here is a little teaser of own cooking experience however you need to try it yourself to believe:

I decided not to stress on painful walks uphill, because running down the hills was an amazing and very Instagram-genic exercise. Beside you may come across the wild life waiting to gossip.

Swiping through photos and videos made me realize how much I miss Dwarika’s, the people and the pretty Dwarikat. Thank you guys for making my stay a fairy-tale!

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Author: Anna Trestain

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  1. Looks like a skinny cat to be in a kitchen! If I ate the things I see here, my cardiologist would be happy! I think I would be happy too. Lucky ladybug or ladybird. Thought about doing the thing with the foot behind the head, but if I could succeed, I could not get untangled I do not think.


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